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Fistful of Doom!

Posted: February 26, 1998 in 4. Fistful of Doom

Azeraaron – the home of Fistful.wad


Fistful was the joint project between AWARE (aka Azeraaron) and SOUTEC who added the graphics and sounds.
Fistful is a complete graphic conversion including multiplayer graphics altered to cowboys! It only includes two levels, a Western town and a Mexican village, there were plans for more including a railway station – but these were never realised – it just took too long to do! it’s about 15 years old now I think but still, Fistful is an all-time classic and a lot of fun – very difficult on single player, especially level two – enjoy.

As a historical note, Fistful was first uploaded to the internet from my 486 PC and using a USRobotics 56K modem and my harddrive had an awesome 170MB capacity! The graphics were altered laboriously by hand using Paintshop 3.0 and the sounds recorded from various spagetti western movies using a microphone lead plugged into a hi-fi which was in turn plugged into a video recorder (you might need to google ‘video recorder’ if you don’t know what that is).

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